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last summer

i wrote this entry on  diff site on june 29,2006.. it was my reflection of the previous summer when i councelled at bible camp..

u know when u jsut get one of those summers that jsut seem like they cant get any better? well last summer was it for me... i guess the thing that played the biggest part in taht is the fact taht i was spending pretty much my whole time in one of the few places wehre i feel like i can just let go and be myself... camp. not only was there camp though.. but there was also my baptism, the fact that taryn and i grew closer, and the amazing friendships i developed that summer....these past few days i have had random memories from last summer pop up into my head and i decided that it would be a good idea to write them out so i can always remember them...

- angela and i laying on my porch at night talking about life

- melanie and the whole 'silly' thing (insider)

- taryn and i spending like every single day together for those 3 months

- my favorite LF: Marlee... good for laughs

- touring showhome after showhome with some peeps

- getting baptized and having a whole bunch of my friends there

- smuck the staff... LOVED it!

- campfires.... the best!

- hitting the ditch with my car on the way to leth with some peeps

- angela and jsut how hilarious she is

- hart.. sweetest guy ever

- going stargazing when my kids were asleep

- cabin pillow fights at night with ryan and nathan's cabin

- awesome chapels.. couldnt get enough of them except for the fact that i had every song memorized by the end of the summer

- melanie and i and our free time together... we sure found ways to pass the time... ahem.. quizzes...

- loving my kids to bits but also ready for them to go home.. week after week

- being forced to watch princess bride and hating it

- driving around leth for waht seemed like hours on end

- encouragement notes in mailboxes

- sing-a-song.... hated it!

- the plunge... favoritest week ever

- good heart to heart with other staff

- staff retreat... o white water rafting! what an experience that was

- going to a cemetary and finding out that the oldest was 103 years old and the youngest just a few days old

- dress-up the counselor .. so fun

- one on ones with jen

- last week... high school camp.. best ever!

-saying goodbye to everyone.. :(