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i have an appointement with a neurologist today and im so nervous. i cant even remember the last time i went to one so i dont really know what to expect. all my family doctor told me was that he was going to check me out and assess my brain behavior to see if everything is ok. im also due for an MRI anytime now but i guess out in vancouver here, theres a six month waiting list to get one. now the neurologist is able to speed up the process for one if he finds that i need one sooner... but if that s the case that i'll be even more nervous because it would mean there is something wrong with my tumor.. ok i need to stop thinking about it..

im watching this travel show on egypt and it looks so interesting. my boyfriend and i were talking about how it actually would be interesting to visit there. there seems to have so much history and culture. watching the show and how egypt is portrayed, reminds me of my time in lebanon. i remember being able to run around with my cousins at night there and our safety not being compromised. little shops and restaurants would stay open late and people would sit on the outdoor table and chairs just talking and haivng a good time.. kids running around barefoot, men in big groups then women in another group.. food all around all the time.. what a country. its like in some way little way everyone is friends.. or at least less rude than north americans.. i really would like to go back to lebanon and be able to see it through different eyes than last time .. i was only six years old a that time.  haha aww the little kids are so adorable in this show.. all brown with big brown eyes.. gorgeous. and theyre food looks amazing. i DO remember growing up with amazng food as well .. middle eastern food.. yum :)

on saturday my man and i went to watch two back to back movies at the theatre.. it was kind of fun because we havent been to a movie in a while now.. we saw the proposal and transformers and they were both amazing! seriously.. so good! transformers was incredible.

ive been wanting a tattoo for quite a while now.. i keep thinking i want arabic writing on my wrist.. i think the calligraphy is gorgeous.. and on the wrist seems dainty . i just have a hard time deciding what i would want.. i was thinking of getting 'sakar' in arabic. which is my old last name.. my birthname.. i had a really hard time when i got adopted because i had to change my last name and no matter how much i disliked my father, i couldnt help but be proud of having his last name.. and then i lost it.. so having sakar on my wrist in its original language would be neat.. but im not too sure.. i think i will just wait until something comes up in my life that is important enough that i know i want a tattoo to commemorate it..

ok time to make grocery list..


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