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the good old country life

i just finished watching the pixar movie cars with my hunny and to be honest it left me pretty pleased . ive purposely made sure i did not watch it because i was so sure that it was going to be lame... until now..  i figured i had to give it a try. and it was great. and to be honest my favorite things about it was the country music playing throughout the movie as well as lightning mcqueen's time at the hick in-the-boonies town.. the hospitality and feeling of country folk was very well portrayed. and to tell you the truth halfway through the movie i had to really stop myself into bursting into tears. and you ask why i wanted to cry? because this movie made me miss where i come from. no not montreal... but a hick little hamlet in the middle of nowhere,alberta. i miss the country folk, the town potlucks, the country church people, the pickup trucks, country music, the pride that small town people have in their town, the town hall, the highways that go on and on, the cows, the sunsets, the hodowns, the cowboy-type families, how everyone is willing to help their neighbour at any time, the selflessness, the gossip, and the list goes on...

its funny how you change. i hated living there when i was growing up. hated it. i was still so stuck in my city girl mentality and how i was 'better than all this' even when i moved out on my own to a city nearby, i had no desire to go back and visit my town. .so my family had to come into town to see me.. it finally took me moving to vancouver and growing up to realize how lucky i was to be surrounded by all that as well as really missing it. my boyfriend and i are planning on going there the first weekend in may for my little sisters graduation and i feel like im getting more homesick the closer we get to that date.. strange. im so incredibly excited to go. see my family. walk around my farm. go see my old town. my old high school. a few of the people i grew up with. a couple sunsets, the long highway to my house as well as our cattle. i miss those cows. im dead serious. they are cute. and you just develop a soft spot for them when you grow up spending so much time with them. ha.

i find it so interesing that im dating an animator. why? because i still remember watching the classic walt disney movies when i was kid and being so incredibly intrigued by animation and cartoons. the talent behind them. or just simply how they are made. how they go from nothing to a full out 2 hour cartoon. lots of drawing. and that in itself intrigued me alot. all of my growing up years i was always intrigued and remember asking my birthmom if she knew or what she thought about it. she jsut shrugged me off. NOW, all my questions are answerd and so much more information volunteered. its so neat. the people in animation studios are incredible as well as incredibly talented. i love it when my boyfriend works on his demo reel and so excited to see his talent being used. .. im glad im learning alot about all this because it makes me really be impressed with what im watching. have you ever watch a movie with the commentary on? because if you havent, you really should. .at least once.. its incredible how much research, thought and work and inside jokes go on for an animated movie to be created. its really really neat.

so i think i might be developing lactose intolerance. i didnt think it was something that developed over time but i researched it and yes it can. and my boyfriend told me that his older sister developed it when she was my age as well.. its weird. so here i went going from 2% with my birthmom to 1% with my adopted family to skim milk on my own and now... soy milk :p .. well i just had my first glass of it tonight and i just dont think its as good as a yummy refreshing real glass of milk. the taste is off and its smells funny.. so we'll see,, theres gotta be another option out there..


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