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written in february 2009

its been a long time. again. i guess with me, no news is good news. but i figured it was about time that i update my blog. so here i am.

life's been good lately. nothing to complain about. only good stuff.

so let's talk about what im up to right now. . if you know me well enough you wil know that i am a huge sucker for mtv. i turn to it anytime i have a chance. right now i am watching g's to gents... ive been trying not to get pulled in to it since i have so many reality shows on the go... but yet, here i am watching the season 2 premiere .. and i picked out my favorite in the first ten minutes of the show.. im rooting for blue (and mito ) all the way . my little heart was so happy when i saw the looks on their faces when they got to put a blazer on. ha ok moving on..

im meeting some cool people at work. obviously i still know the people i went through training wish and i enjoy their company immensely, but ive been getting to know some people sitting by me and theyre super fun. crazy thing they all seemed to have been doing travelling and living in diff contries over their years.. i know jealousy is immature, but when i meet people that have seen the world, i cannot help but be a little envious.. one guy was telling me that i really need to go out and see and experience places and i dont need money, just a visa.. hes got a point.. why did i always think it had to be about money?  but now that i have my wonderful man in my life, i cant just pick up and go .. but i really hope that sometime him and i can go see places and experience different cultures.. i really would love to try many different countries in europe as well as japan and thailand.. i seriously believe that travelling and submersing yourself in different cultures is something that everyone needs to experience. i know i will not live my life to its fullest until i get to do that.


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